Alabama’s School Choice Options

Alabama is quickly becoming one of the states with the most high-quality school choice programs in the nation. These programs are designed to provide parents with the tools they need to ensure their children get the education that works best for them.

Tax Credit Scholarship Program

This program provides scholarships for low-income parents to send their student to one of over 190 participating private schools across Alabama. These scholarships are funded through charitable contributions made by businesses and individuals to nonprofit Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs) that provide these scholarships to eligible children.  In order to qualify for a scholarship, a family’s household income cannot exceed 185% of federal poverty, which equals $45,510 for a family of four. Until July 31st, students must also be zoned to attend a failing school. You can find the current list of failing public schools here.

Individual Tax Credit

This program creates a refundable tax credit to help families send their children to a school that works best for them. Families that qualify receive an income tax credit to offset the cost of sending their child to a non-failing public school or a private school. The income tax credit a parent receives is equal to 80% of the average annual state cost of attendance for a public K-12 student during the respective tax year (currently around $3500), or the actual cost of attendance in a non-failing public or private school, whichever is less. In order to qualify, a student must be attending or going to attend a failing public school. There is no income requirement. Families are entitled to receive the tax credit until their child completes the grade levels at the failing school for which they are zoned.

Public Charter Schools

Public charter schools are public schools that are granted flexibility from certain state laws in exchange for greater accountability in improving student achievement. Public charter schools are open to any student who wants to attend.  They give parents the opportunity to choose a school based on their child’s needs. They are open enrollment and tuition free. Public charter schools are started by groups of committed parents, teachers, and community members who apply to an authorizer for permission to open a public charter school. Current charter schools are listed below. Click on each to learn more about their specific school.

Accel Day and Evening Academy

STAR Academy

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